1 World Class Education

As a student, your main concern with studying overseas is the quality of the institution you will be attending. Israel’s higher education institutions are known worldwide for their academic excellence. With several universities ranked amongst the highest in the world, excellent colleges and research institutes, Israel offers you a high quality academic experience! Many institutions offer programs in English, providing a unique international learning environment designed for you to learn and succeed.

2 Innovation & Technology

If you’re into innovation and technology, Israel is the place for you! Israel is the land of innovation, also known as the “Start-Up Nation”. It is a hotbed of hi-tech activity, with the world’s highest investment per capita in start-up companies. Israel was ranked the 3rd most innovative country in the world (World Economic Forum Global Competitive Index). Studying in Israel gives you the opportunity to experience and participate in Israel’s vibrant start-up culture and eco-system.

3 Student Life

Whether you live on campus or off, in or out of the city, there’s more to studying in Israel than just hitting the books. Israel has a vibrant student social scene with many opportunities to get out and about and enjoy all that Israel has to offer. You will have the opportunity to make life-long friendships with Israelis and other students from all over the world.

4 Fascinating Culture

Choose to study in Israel, and you’ll find yourself at the heart of a diverse, dynamic and constantly developing culture. Israel has over 4,000 years of history, which have incorporated many different cultural influences. Whether it’s food, history, art or music, you will have many opportunities to immerse yourself in Israel’s fascinating culture throughout your studies.

5 Travel & Landscape

Israel has plenty to offer as far as sightseeing. You can experience world-famous historical sites, float in the Dead Sea, go hiking in the beautiful Sea of Galilee region or the Negev Desert, marvel at the Baha’i Gardens in Haifa or enjoy a sunset on Tel Aviv beach. Israel is packed with a wealth of attractions that will keep you occupied until graduation and beyond.

Students Stories

Junying from China

Studying: Business At: Hebrew University, Jerusalem

I was attracted to Israel mainly because of its world-renowned title as a “start-up nation”. I’ve been in Israel for three months. These are the most amazing months for me this year: I dived in the most beautiful sea in Eilat, hiked in the most incredible Negev desert and met very friendly Israelis. Jerusalem, in particular, is a magical place where various religions co-exist, and also traditional mindsets and innovative spirits co-exist, which you cannot always experience in other places. As China-Israel relations have been developing rapidly in recent years, the more frequent educational exchanges enabled me to see the opportunity to pursue my studies in Israel.

Leon from Germany

Studying: Screen Based Arts At: Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem

“I am fascinated by the people living in Israel and their culture, especially Jerusalem’s that is popular for its insane diversity. The Atmosphere in Israel changes your way of thinking. The people around you try to make the best out of what they have and this is an amazing ability that I learned and it will positively affect my future career and life. I recommend everybody to study in Israel since this is a one of a kind country from which everyone is able to learn. I am looking forward to my next stay here in Israel!”

Martin from Ecuador

Studying: Law and Business At: College of Law & Business, Ramat Gan

“I decided to form my education in Israel because I wanted to immerse myself more in the Jewish world. I wanted to understand in a legal perspective the creation and development of the State. Living and learning in Israel is very special for me. I met so many people and learn from their stories, starting from old founding fathers to new immigrants. The sense of community enriches me culturally. This program will definitely help me in the future, because the values of the Israeli education- hope, persistence and innovation are the key to success. Hopefully I will be able to apply my knowledge not only in Israel, but around the world.”

Kelly from South Africa

Studying: Government, Diplomacy and Strategy At: IDC Herzliya

“I can proudly say that the best decision of my life was to come and study in this vibrant country, Israel. Israel is a young, innovative, cultural and energetic country – it is the best place for young people looking for a chance to grow and learn. In Israel and throughout Jewish history, the value for education and learning has been cherished and protected, and it is for that reason that I chose to pursue my academic path here. Israel is not only the land of milk and honey – but the land of opportunities. In Israel, I know the opportunities are endless!”

Benny from Belgium

Studying: Electrical Engineering At: JCT Jerusalem

“Studying in Jerusalem college of technology is one of the best decisions I have made, here studying is fun and enjoyable like it should be. There’s no word “stranger” in the Israeli dictionaries, everyone is family and no one should feel embarrassed from another. Actually it’s not just a college- it’s a Home!”